November 11, 2011

Free Pattern: Scoops!

I released this free pattern on Ravelry several months ago, but I figured it would be a nice addition to my new blog. 

This easy hat pattern was cooked up when I found four scrap balls of Malabrigo Worsted in my yarn trunk that looked strikingly like scoops of ice cream.  The scrap balls were too small to make any one item with, but too big to just throw away.  The hat is knit on large needles so the hat is loose and slouchy, and I added a giant pom-pom for some extra fun!

Needles:               Size 10 (circular or DPNs)
Gauge:                 4 stitches per inch
Yarn*:                   Malabrigo Worsted
Chocolate (Color A)
Dusty (Color B)
Mint (Color C)
Natural (Color D)

*Because you are only doing about 15 rounds for each color, you don’t need a full skein for any of the colors.  I used scraps left over from other hats.  If you find yourself running low on yarn, switch to another color and add another stripe section!  More stripes equals more fun, right?  :)
Etc:                         Darning needle, giant pom-pom maker
Slip stitch as if to knit, knit the next stitch, then pass the slipped stitch over the newly knit stitch


 As you can see, this hat is knit in large stripes.  The pattern is divided up into sections based on what color you are working with. Once you change colors, you can cut a 6 inch tail for that yarn and leave it on the inside of the hat.  Later you can weave in that tail in such a way that it fixes what little jog you may have between rounds.

* The Color Sections are just my suggestions and what I did for my hat.  If you want more stripes, just decrease the amount of knit rows you have in each color section (after your initial ribbing section, of course!).  Anytime you start a new color section, you start with a purl round, then knit the rest of the rounds as long as you are using that color.
There are notes further down in the pattern about when to start your decreases if you have altered the stripe pattern, so no worries!


CO 72 (distribute them as you wish depending on what needles you are using).  Join in round.

Color A (Ribbing!)
Rnd 1:  *K2p2* repeat
Rnds 2- 15:  Repeat row 1

Color B
Rnd 1:  In Color B, purl all
Rounds 2-15:  Knit all

Color C
Rnd 1:  In Color C, purl all
Rnds 2-15:  Knit all

Color D (Decreases!)
[If you have altered your number of stripes or length, start your decreases once the hat measures 8 inches.]
Rnd 1:  Purl all stitches
Rnd 2:  *Knit 10, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 3:  Knit all stitches
Rnd 4:  *Knit 9, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 5:  Knit all stitches
Rnd 6:  *Knit 8, skp* repeat for round
Rnd 7:  Knit
Rnd 8: *Knit 7, skp* repeat for round
Rnd 9:  Knit
Rnd 10:  *Knit 6, skp* repeat for round
Rnd 11:  *Knit 5, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 12:  *Knit 4, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 13:  *Knit 3, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 14:  *Knit 2, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 15:  *Knit 1, skp * repeat for round
Rnd 16:  *Skp * repeat for round

Cut yarn and use darning needle to draw yarn through the remaining loops.

Weave in ends and block gently.

Use a large pompom maker in Color A (or whatever color you want) and tie it to the top of the hat!

I didn’t have a giant pom-pom maker on hand so I made one out of two pieces of cardboard.  I cut 4 inch circles with an box cutter and cut smaller inner circles to make mine.  If you can get your hands on an actual pom-pom maker, you are probably better off.  :)]

Taa-daa!  You now have a cute hat and you have made your stash a tiny bit smaller!  Congratulations!!


  1. My dear, It looks as if your pink section is done in stockinette stitch yet the pattern for that says to knit all rows 2-15. Am I missing something. I am not using a circular needle.

    1. Yes, the pattern calls for circular needles or DPNs in order to knit in the round. Sorry!

  2. Thank you, I should have known better. Will I still be able to continue to use 2 needles with the same effect?

    1. Sure! You will need to alternate knitting and purling to get the stockinette effect, do decreases on right side rows, and seam the whole thing up the side when you are finished.