October 15, 2013

Free Pattern: Hogwarts House Cowl



Want to show off your house colors while exploring the muggle world, but find your house scarf too heavy for the occasion?  Or maybe you are just crazy about cowls and want to give your knitting wands a little work out.  Either way, this cowl will keep you as warm as you work your magic!  ;)

July 2, 2013

Super Secret Hexipuffs!

IMG_4837 alt

It's a hexipuff with a super secret compartment for hiding notes or tiny trinkets!  If you sew it into your quilt with the button facing the "wrong side", no one will suspect your quilt is hiding anything at all.  ;)

Knit a puff like normal.  Before you bind off, stuff it with about half of what you usually stuff it with.  Instead of binding off, purl a round, then continue to knit each round until it's about the height of your puff.  Bind off the same way you would a puff.

It'll look something like this:


Tuck your pocket into the puff.  If you want to secure the pocket, sew the corner of the pocket to the lower corner of the puff with the end of the yarn before weaving it in.

Sew a button on one side.  To make the loop for the button, you can use a crochet hook to chain 3 in the middle of the other side, and tie it off near the starting point to make a little loop.

Enjoy your secret puffs!  ♥

June 19, 2013


Does your beekeeper's quilt need a little bunny love?  Then here's a tutorial on how to modify an already finished hexipuff to an adorable bunnypuff!



On an already finished hexipuff, pick the two corners you want to be the ears.  On one corner slide your needle under four stitches on one side of the puff.  Do the same onto the other side of the corner using a second needle. One needle will be your "front" needle and the other needle will be your "back" needle.

1.  (K1, p2, k1) on the front, knit all on the back
2-3.  Repeat round 1
4.  (K1, purl front and back of one stitch, p1, k1) on the front, (knit 1, kfb, k2) on the back
5.  (K1, p3, k1) on the front, knit all on the back
6-13.  Repeat round 5
14.  (Ssk, p1, k2tog) on the front, (ssk, k1,k2tog) on the back

Use the same technique you use to bind off your hexipuffs (three needle bind off or crochet hook), and repeat on the second corner for the second ear.

I used overhand knots for the eyes, which are very simple.  (I believe Miss Tiny Owl Knits has a quick video here:  http://vimeo.com/tinyowlknits/thewoodsyassociation#t=499)  I looped my eyes 5 times.

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

♥ ashley

May 6, 2013

Selfish Knitting: An Autobiography

cowl stash

shawl stash

hat stash

Guys.  I have a problem.  Half of my drawers are for my knits, and those drawers are getting full.  So, during those two cold weeks we have in Louisiana, I've got options.  

I should probably stop being such a selfish knitter.  Or maybe I could get another dresser...

♥ ashley

April 29, 2013

Pretty Pictures and Hexipuff Hints!

I got a new camera last week and, much to Bruiser's distress, I've been taking pictures non-stop.  



After posting these pictures a few days ago, I received a few questions from people about my hexipuffs.  First, someone asked how I was joining my hexipuffs, and then more specifically, how exactly am I tying them together?

So much like the pattern's instructions, here's the "wrong side" of my Beekeeper's Quilt:


Using DK weight scrap yarn, I run my needle through each corner of the three puffs I'm tying together, like this:



Then I tie two of these regular knots, like I'm tying my shoes really tight:


Next, I do one of these knots, and roll it down to the three corners before pulling it tight:


Lastly, I cut the excess string off!


There are probably better, prettier ways to tie your hexipuffs together, but this way is fairly quick and I like the way it looks.  Plus, if you later decide you don't like how one looks, you can just carefully cut at the knot until it's loose, pull the puff out, and tie another one in!

I hope this helps!