August 24, 2015

Free Pattern: Simple Garter Baby Blanket

I recently finished a blanket for my incoming Super Awesome niece or nephew.  We are over a week away from finding out the gender, so I went with fun, gender-neutral speckles.  I'm so in love with the results!



I've had a few people ask about what pattern I used, but I just improvised a simple, center-out garter stitch square.  I gave it a double-sided stockinette border for a little pop.  I'm really happy with the results and thought I'd share the notes with you lovelies!  ♥


Yarn:  Madelinetosh tosh dk (100% merino, 225 yd per 100 g ball), 5 skeins of "Cosmic Wonderdust" (MC) and 2 skeins of "Mineral" (CC)

Mine is pretty big at 38x38" unstretched.  (And we all know garter stitch has a lotta stretch.)  If you wish to make a smaller or larger size, you could easily modify the pattern to get away with less or more.  Once you run out of your MC, simply skip right on to the border.  If you only have one skein of your border color, once you've reached halfway through your MC skein, do your purl round and move on to the decrease portion.  You can either weigh your skein or eyeball it if you are good like that.)

Needles:  US Size 8/5.0 mm circular needles (you can start with DPNs, but this sucker gets big fast) 

Gauge:  16 sts and 24 rows in 4" stockinette

Notions:  Yarn needle and (4) stitch markers


With MC, CO 6. Place marker and join in round.

Rnd 1:  Kfb every stitch in round (12 stitches)
Rnd 2:  Purl every stitch in round
Rnd 3:  Kfb every stitch in round  (24 stitches)
End 4:  Purl every stitch in round

Rnd 5:  (Kfb, k4, kfb, pm) repeat around (This should give you the four sides of your square.)
Rnd 6:  Purl every stitch in round
Rnd 7:  (Kfb, k to marker, kfb), repeat around

Repeat rounds 6 and 7 until you have 150 stitches between each set of stitch markers (or until you are close to done with your MC yarn or until desired size)

Border Increases:

Rnd 1:  With CC knit around
Rnd 2:  (K1, M1R, knit until 1 stitch before marker, M1L, k1) repeat around

Use your favorite "make 1" method.  I like to pick up the little ladder between stitches and knit into the back of it.

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 a total of 4 times.

Rnd 3:  Purl around
Rnd 4:  Knit around

Rnd 5:  (K2tog, knit until 2 stitches before marker, ssk) repeat around
Rnd 6:  Knit around

Repeat rounds 5 and 6 a total of 4 times.

Fold the border on the purl row so that the two purl sides are facing.

Pick up the first CC purl bump from the first border round and slip it to the left needle.  Knit together the purl bump with the first regular stitch.  Repeat again this process of picking up the next purl bump and knitting it together with the next stitch.  You should have two stitches on your right needle.  Pass the first one over the second to bind off that stitch.

Repeat this process of picking up purl bumps from the first border row, knitting them together with the live stitches on your needles, then binding off.  The result should start to look like this:


You will have a stockinette border on both sides of your work.

Weave in ends.  Enjoy!!

January 8, 2014

Free Pattern: Swirly Smooshy Cowl



Hungry for a quick knit that is also super smooshy and warm?  This worsted weight cowl is knit on big needles with a super simple stitch pattern, making it a great last minute gift or an instant treat for yourself!  :)

October 15, 2013

Free Pattern: Hogwarts House Cowl



Want to show off your house colors while exploring the muggle world, but find your house scarf too heavy for the occasion?  Or maybe you are just crazy about cowls and want to give your knitting wands a little work out.  Either way, this cowl will keep you as warm as you work your magic!  ;)

July 2, 2013

Super Secret Hexipuffs!

IMG_4837 alt

It's a hexipuff with a super secret compartment for hiding notes or tiny trinkets!  If you sew it into your quilt with the button facing the "wrong side", no one will suspect your quilt is hiding anything at all.  ;)

Knit a puff like normal.  Before you bind off, stuff it with about half of what you usually stuff it with.  Instead of binding off, purl a round, then continue to knit each round until it's about the height of your puff.  Bind off the same way you would a puff.

It'll look something like this:


Tuck your pocket into the puff.  If you want to secure the pocket, sew the corner of the pocket to the lower corner of the puff with the end of the yarn before weaving it in.

Sew a button on one side.  To make the loop for the button, you can use a crochet hook to chain 3 in the middle of the other side, and tie it off near the starting point to make a little loop.

Enjoy your secret puffs!  ♥

June 19, 2013


Does your beekeeper's quilt need a little bunny love?  Then here's a tutorial on how to modify an already finished hexipuff to an adorable bunnypuff!



On an already finished hexipuff, pick the two corners you want to be the ears.  On one corner slide your needle under four stitches on one side of the puff.  Do the same onto the other side of the corner using a second needle. One needle will be your "front" needle and the other needle will be your "back" needle.

1.  (K1, p2, k1) on the front, knit all on the back
2-3.  Repeat round 1
4.  (K1, purl front and back of one stitch, p1, k1) on the front, (knit 1, kfb, k2) on the back
5.  (K1, p3, k1) on the front, knit all on the back
6-13.  Repeat round 5
14.  (Ssk, p1, k2tog) on the front, (ssk, k1,k2tog) on the back

Use the same technique you use to bind off your hexipuffs (three needle bind off or crochet hook), and repeat on the second corner for the second ear.

I used overhand knots for the eyes, which are very simple.  (I believe Miss Tiny Owl Knits has a quick video here:  I looped my eyes 5 times.

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

♥ ashley