February 22, 2012

Test Knitting: Condurat

I was given the opportunity to test knit for the very talented designer Sarah Burghardt a few weeks ago.  Now the pattern has been released so I felt that a post was in order!  

The pattern is Condurat and it is a brioche stitch cowl pattern that can be knit in either DK or worsted weight yarn.  I made mine using Malabrigo Rios which is a worsted superwash yarn.  The colorways I used were Azules and Indiecita, which made for a watery effect.

I think my favorite thing about this cowl is that you can wear it different ways:

1.  Folded up and smooshed around your neck like a wooly hug! 


2.  Over the shoulders like a mini-cape or a ninja!

3.  Or over the head like a hood!  

I love this cowl so much, it has given me cowl fever!  Expect more cowls in the posts to come.  I've got one on the needles right now and ideas for another two after that.  Possibly a free pattern for one if my idea works out!  We'll see...  :) 

Also, if you haven't already, seriously check out Sarah's stuff over at her Ravelry page.  She's grrrrrrreat! 

February 14, 2012

Hoot Hoot! It's Valentine's Day

A few months ago, I joined the tiny owl knits Ravelry group's "Owlie Love Valentine's Day Swap".  Everyone who joined was assigned a swap partner for whom they would make a Valentine's Day care package for.  The rules were that the package had to contain 3-5 small gifts, the package should arrive at your partner's house by February 14th, and that you weren't supposed to open your package until Valentine's Day.

My package arrived two days ago on Saturday.  It has been taunting me ever since.  I mean look at it!  With it's bright orange box, cute little owl drawing and packaging tape...  

Well, today's the day!  I woke up early to check out what my secret spoiler sent me.  Oh boy was I surprised!  Not three to five, but seven (!) individually wrapped surprises, plus a super cute embroidered hexipuff which technically makes eight gifts.  My spoiler went all out on this care package!  :O

I opened the first mini-package to find mini-skeins galore!  I'm pretty sure I counted 16 (!!) mini-skeins in gorgeous colorways.  I can't wait to knit these up into hexipuffs!  My secret spoiler even labeled each skein to let me know where it came from.  Some are from Germany and the U.K.!  My quilt just got a little bit more international, baby.  ;)

Here's a more up-close picture of the hexipuff she knit and embroidered for my quilt.  It fits perfectly.  Such a cute little sheep to make my quilt even more special.

These are some cute and clever fabric flower clips!  I currently have them clipped on my yarn tree (which I definitely need to post a picture of sometime...).  

Knitting and owl stickers!  I may have to decorate my professional school laptop with owl stickers to brighten up my school days.  Those owls are too cu-hoot!

And this next mini-package left me speechless.  Alright, I was already left speechless after the pile of mini-skeins, but this yarn was spun specially for me for the Mandelbrot hat I have been wanting to make.  I don't have the spinning skills to fractal spin the yarn myself, so my secret spoiler did it for me!  

I wanted to cry when I put the pieces together.  It is so gorgeous and smooshy and colorful!  I can't believe she took the time to spin something special for me!  This is one of the nicest things someone has done for me and I still can't believe it happened.  I wound it into a cake immediately and plan on casting on as soon as I get home this afternoon!

Whole leaf tea?  Yes, please!  As if I wasn't spoiled enough already!

She even included a special gift for Smokes: 

He's going to go nuts for that stuff!  

And last but certainly not least, Chocorooms!  These guys are too addictive.  And cute.  Holy moley are they cute!  

Thank you so so much, Debbie!  You went above and beyond to spoil me rotten this Valentine's Day.  You have a special place in my heart (and in my Beekeeper's Quilt)!  ♥


Don't freak out, but... I think I love you!  ;)

February 7, 2012

Finished Projects!

I did a test knit for the amazing Alex Tinsley not too long ago and now that the pattern is available I can post about it!

The pattern is called Station Hat and it is very fun!  It is quite a deceptive pattern in that there is almost no purling whatsoever.  The hat looks more "correct" on Jonathan since his head is a much more normal size than my pea-sized head which makes all hats super slouched.  

I used Madelinetosh tosh merino dk yarn in the colorway Badlands.  This is my new favorite hat.  The simple pattern and muted colors means I can wear it with anything.  

I also finished another of my Handmade in 2012 projects!  This hat is for my friend Erika who is a big Harry Potter fan.  So am I, which is why I knew exactly what hat I was making for her as soon as she signed up...

This is the parseltongue hat from Tiny Owl Knits.  It's made of Blue Skys Alpaca Suri Merino in the colorway Fog.  This yarn is so smooshy and oozy and silky soft.  The hat just melts on your head.  The cables make little snakes that slither all other the place.  They even have little eyes and tongues!

I already made one of these hats for myself a few years ago in a more beige-y color:

Nice washout on the top, but you get an idea of how melty this hat is.

That's a weird way to describe a hat.  Melty...

I guess that means I should end this blog post before it gets any weirder.  I've got two more projects on the needles right now so maybe I'll do a work-in-progress post soon!  ♥