April 29, 2013

Pretty Pictures and Hexipuff Hints!

I got a new camera last week and, much to Bruiser's distress, I've been taking pictures non-stop.  



After posting these pictures a few days ago, I received a few questions from people about my hexipuffs.  First, someone asked how I was joining my hexipuffs, and then more specifically, how exactly am I tying them together?

So much like the pattern's instructions, here's the "wrong side" of my Beekeeper's Quilt:


Using DK weight scrap yarn, I run my needle through each corner of the three puffs I'm tying together, like this:



Then I tie two of these regular knots, like I'm tying my shoes really tight:


Next, I do one of these knots, and roll it down to the three corners before pulling it tight:


Lastly, I cut the excess string off!


There are probably better, prettier ways to tie your hexipuffs together, but this way is fairly quick and I like the way it looks.  Plus, if you later decide you don't like how one looks, you can just carefully cut at the knot until it's loose, pull the puff out, and tie another one in!

I hope this helps!