March 7, 2012

Hexipuff Stash

I've been neglecting my hexipuff-filled beekeeper's quilt with all my cowls and hats lately, but I did make it to 250 puffs today!  To celebrate, I thought I'd share my sock yarn stash with you today: 

This is my hexipuff bag.  I tote this giant thing to Knit Night and work even if I'm not knitting hexipuffs that day.  It may not look like a lot of yarn from up top... I pulled all the skeins of sock yarn and spread them on the bed.

 And this isn't even counting the mini-skeins that my Valentine sent me!  I've tried to put them together based on type.  In the front left section is all the Koigu, with all my Malabrigo in the front right.  Behind all the Koigu on the left is some Noro Kureon sock with a lot of assorted Knit Picks behind it.  There's even three sneaky skeins of Madelinetosh merino light hiding behind the Malabrigo on the right. 

Mmmm... I love all this stuff so much!  

Here's the Malabrigo sock just hanging out.  The yellow "ochre" colorway is my absolute favorite! 

And here is all my lovely Koigu. 

I may actually have enough yarn to finish my quilt from just my stash...  But that didn't stop me from ordering another skein of Koigu yesterday.  ;)

I'm moving in with my sister later this week.  Once I get my stash moved and my knitting station set up, I might give you guys a little tour of my real stash...  


  1. I want to squish all of your hexi-stash, especially the Koigu! <3
    I'm planning on doing a stash post soon, though it's quite a bit bigger than I'd like to admit.

    1. The Koigu are definitely squishy! And yes, a stash post is most definitely in order! It'll make me feel better about mine if yours is big too! ;)