January 15, 2012

Hexipuff Update!

I have made it to the 25% mark of my hexipuff madness Beekeeper's Quilt!  As of right now, I have 229 of 913 hexipuffs needed to make my super-colorful, mega-fun happyfuntimes comforter!  

I have a small chunk of the puffs stitched together in a baby lap quilt that I use when knitting or playing video games: 

I have hexi-fever.  All I want to do is puff out hexipuffs.  All day, day, DAY.


  1. I'm a hexi-adict too, can I follow your blog? I don't see the follower button. You have such beautiful yarn in your quilt.

  2. Thanks! I think there is a "Subscribe To" option at the bottom of the link list to the right. I'm not sure how all that works though... :)