December 3, 2011

Pattern: Dude Hat



Okay, so it doesn’t have to be a dude hat. Obviously ladies can rock this hat too, but we all know there is a lack of guy hats out there, so I thought why not throw my go-to dude hat into the mix?
This is a super simple hat that knits up pretty quickly. I finished mine in one day! If you’ve got a dude-ish guy on your Knit List, why not give this one a shot?


  1. Hey I think it is the BOMB and I want one for christmas.. teach ben how to make me one or something:)) And I wan't to take this time out to say I have always thought you were an extra awesome person!!! My sister does some of the sort of stuff.. I'ma Terrorize till she Turns something out;)'

    1. Oh wow! Thanks, man! I doubt Ben wants to learn to knit, but I'll try. :D